three years!!

How on earth is our baby three years old??! 

I'm sure I'll probably wonder that every year - from now until he's well beyond his 30's - but honestly....HOW has that much time passed??

He was so tiny and little and is now so big, strong and capable. He will sit down and have a lengthy conversation with you now.  It's oh so funny and so interesting to hear his take on life and his three year old perspective. 

May 2012

This past year has also made him a big brother - a job he relishes and loves (most of the time). He has naturally taken on the role of Evie's protector and teacher. He's a little bossy at times, but means well and has so much love for his little baby sister. While we've had out challenges over the past 10 months or so, I can see their sister/brother relationship growing and it's so sweet to watch.

He's become very comfortable at school and loves learning, playing and interacting with his friends and teachers. His favorite colors are orange, red and blue and fire trucks are pretty much the coolest thing he's ever seen. We celebrated his birthday last weekend at the Sullivan's Island Fire Station and he was in absolute HEAVEN. He was so excited to have his friends at his party and with the added excitement of fire trucks I'm pretty sure it was the best day of his life.

He's roughly 34 lbs, 39.5 inches tall and in size 4 clothes, for the most part. Fire trucks, trucks in general, cars and trains are his favorite toys and he's also become really good at dribbling a soccer ball. He loves playing basketball and lacrosse with Daddy and really just loves to be outside running and playing. He also likes to draw with crayons and tries to be as silly as possible.

We love you so, so much Connor man!! Happy Birthday!!

Shannon Michele Photography


  1. Love, love, love the photo history - and now on to four for C-man

    xxoo G'Ma

  2. Love going down memory lane with theses photos. Can't believe our dear little boy is 3 years old! He is such a delight!
    Love, Grandma



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